Be a superman, superhero or “superthinker”?


Want to be a computer technician? Hmm…you dont need dream so high. I mean, when you be a technician, dont you think you can hande and take it all the problem you have in a momment. A computer has a proccess to work, has a proccess to show you about how amazing she is. No other things in this world can work without a proccess. And be a computer technician need a proccess, you can’t get it instant | Ohh, no. I write this article to show you how to be a good “superthinker”—a good computer technician. It doesnt mean that Im good, I dont mean like that. I have learn the proccess to take us find the way.

When I was 15 years old, I spent my time just only in front of my computer. That was installed Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2. Every nights I sit in front of my computer for 8 hours, so many things that I do, like change my registry of Windows, open Help and Support Center, see a menubar Tools and learn it all and more. Yeah, I started it from Windows XP. On my mind I always ask,”how it can be like this, can I change it?”
Change logon of Windows is my big project on that time. I search on Google and find how to change logon of Windows with a third application. Im not satisfied . . . To be continued


About Petrus Adi Susilo

Im a product of a GODs grace.. Mahasiswa Pendidikan Kimia angkatan 2009 @ Universitas Palangkaraya.

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